The Call

The Call A few weeks ago, I was sitting watching a movie on my couch when my iPhone rang. When I looked at the screen, I knew something was wrong. The screen said: “Dad.” I answered: Me: “Hey Dad, what’s up?” Dad: “Hey son. I’ve been in a wreck and I need you to come get me. I’m ok, but I need you to come get me!” I jumped in my car drove like crazy across town to get … [Read More...]


You Care Too Much!

The Punch In The Face: This week I had a chat with a friend that gutted me. You know the kind conversation I'm talking about. The kind where you feel like you've … [Read More...]


I’m Dating – Again

A Year Later Last year I sat with one of my mentors Michael Fuchs to talk about life and the start of my new venture at Seacoast Church. He offered some amazing … [Read More...]


Clarity at 2,310 Meters

I Love To Cycle The last three years of my life have been, well, interesting to say the least. Five years ago, I knew I wanted to start road cycling. But if you know much about road bikes, you know they cost as much as a used car. Well, the good ones do … [Read More...]


The Exodus of Pastors From Social Media

Is an exodus of Pastors from Social Media on the horizon? A few years ago pastors rushed into the social media world, and rightly so. No one can doubt the power of social media to share messages and engage with large numbers of people. Now, it seems like … [Read More...]

Ugandan Child Sacrifice

Missing Earrings and Reality

January 4th, 2014, I arrived in Jinja, Uganda. It was midday,  it was hot, the kinda hot that you can cut with a knife, a heat you can almost taste.  I was in Uganda, to spend sometime with my buddy Drü and his wife Asher who have founded the … [Read More...]


Powered By Love

A Day Off Last Friday, was one of my days off which means like any good Ashevillian, I took advantage of a beautiful Autumn day by spending time with my 5-year-old daughter Rylynn in the forest.  We went to Bent Creek for a hike and if you've ever gone into … [Read More...]


The Paradigm of Community

Even though it pains me to write it, I’m getting older. For example, two weeks ago I had to get glasses because I could no longer read road signs as I was driving until they were just a few yards away. As we move through life, more and more similar situations … [Read More...]


Real Men Admit When They Are Wrong

Headed Home: Today my day started at 4:30 am in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I repeated my all too familiar routine these days: took a fast shower, packed my bag and headed to the airport. Today I was headed to my favorite place: home. I had only been home four out … [Read More...]


Four Improvements on Your Digital Customer Service

Want to get a jump on improving your digital customer service in 2013? Though they are basic, if you focus on these four suggestions and build on them, you will get to this point next year and see that your bottom line has improved dramatically as a result. … [Read More...]