Jet Lag. Silence and Waiting.

Jet Lag I've been home from Uganda now for a few sleeps. But today the jet lag is killing me. My body hurts. My mind is numb and my heart is a mess. I'm a little lost too. I feel guilty to come home to the opulence of my life that I have, in some respects, … [Read more...]


I Want To Forget Today; But I Hope I Never Do!

Today I cried. It’s not something I do much but today I cried because of pain. Pain is relative, or so I found out today - I remember playing soccer in High School and breaking a few of my toes, and I thought that hurt, when my son fell in the bathroom hit … [Read more...]


Jetlag, Timing, and Hope For The Future

I woke up this morning, before the sun came up, to the sound of the Adhan (the Islamic call to prayer), I wasn't sure if it was the middle of the night or dawn as time is lost now that I’m back in Uganda at the Sole Hope guesthouse for the second time as part … [Read more...]


Sole Hope – #SoleStories

Sole Hope It's hard to remember the first time I heard about Sole Hope. As a father, the majority of my memories are synced with the milestones of my children. With this in mind, I recall my first child Gabe was born (2006) when I started to hear about Drü in … [Read more...]


The Call

The Call A few weeks ago, I was sitting watching a movie on my couch when my iPhone rang. When I looked at the screen, I knew something was wrong. The screen said: “Dad.” I answered: Me: “Hey Dad, what’s up?” Dad: “Hey son. I’ve been in a wreck and I … [Read more...]


You Care Too Much!

The Punch In The Face: This week I had a chat with a friend that gutted me. You know the kind conversation I'm talking about. The kind where you feel like you've been kicked in the gut. Punched in the face. They just take the wind out of you. They have you … [Read more...]


I’m Dating – Again

A Year Later Last year I sat with one of my mentors Michael Fuchs to talk about life and the start of my new venture at Seacoast Church. He offered some amazing advice to me: "You have the opportunity of a lifetime to "reset!" To reset all of your habits, … [Read more...]


Clarity at 2,310 Meters

I Love To Cycle The last three years of my life have been, well, interesting to say the least. Five years ago, I knew I wanted to start road cycling. But if you know much about road bikes, you know they cost as much as a used car. Well, the good ones do … [Read more...]


The Exodus of Pastors From Social Media

Is an exodus of Pastors from Social Media on the horizon? A few years ago pastors rushed into the social media world, and rightly so. No one can doubt the power of social media to share messages and engage with large numbers of people. Now, it seems like … [Read more...]

Ugandan Child Sacrifice

Missing Earrings and Reality

January 4th, 2014, I arrived in Jinja, Uganda. It was midday,  it was hot, the kinda hot that you can cut with a knife, a heat you can almost taste.  I was in Uganda, to spend sometime with my buddy Drü and his wife Asher who have founded the … [Read more...]